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Been a while.
Twitter is much easier to use than LJ, and I rarely feel the need to share a longer thought than 140 characters with the entire world & dog.

Coming up on a year since my last post here. And what a year it's been...

* Spent about half the year dating, then all-but-officially living with, an old friend who it turns out has had a thing for me as long as I did for her. It was a wild fluke that we kind of fell together just when the relationship she was in was gone to hell... however, her loser ex was never far away while she & I were together (his redeeming human feature is that he's a good father to her kids), and seeing her with me gave him the kick in the pants which was apparently needed to get off his ass, find a job, and get his shit straight. She & I had a bad time; his mother bought them a house; long story short, she's back with him and he moved them out of the city, but she & I are still close; I count her as one of my best friends.

* My other best friend, is the other major point of complexity in my life. She's my roommate, she's my best friend, she's carrying my baby - and she's gay. I think we'll be good parents, if more than a little non-traditional. But, what could one expect from me.

(I started drafting this post a few weeks ago, then got distracted... it happens.)

Wow, been a while...
Long time since I've updated... I guess it's just way less work to fit a thought into 140 characters for a Tweet than to assemble complete sentences for an LJ post. :p

A lot has happened since January. Short version: I'm single (for those who know enough of my history to be concerned: yes, I'm safe, cared for, and pose no danger from myself; and no, we're not getting back together), new roommate is moving in gradually, my friends and family are awesome, and winter has finally released its deathgrip on both my city and my spirit.

Recently, I've been on a very enjoyable date with a very enjoyable person; downside is that we work almost perfectly opposite shifts, so it's a bit hit-and-miss as to when we can talk & arrange future dates... Figures. :p

More later, done assembling thoughts for now.

Social web shtuff
I've been playing with all sorts of social web sites. Ostensibly, it's because I'm interested in the technology (OpenID, RSS, FOAF, hCard, XFN, etc.)... but to be honest they're just kinda nifty. :p

Here are a few profile links:
- this one is extremely nifty: among other things, it integrates very well into lots of other services, so:
* when you post a link to, it can also be posted to your account and Twitter,
* Status updates can be sent on to Facebook, Twitter, &c.
- They are also hardcore into open standards and sharing formats - RSS everything, hCard & XFN, OpenID, all the neat web interop technologies I've been getting interested in. is in private beta right now; if you're interested in trying it out, send me a message and I'll give you an invite (remember the early days of Gmail? Bonus is that there doesn't seem to be any limit on number of invites).

On the subject of the world no longer making sense,
I just had to build a CSS hack to fake something in Firefox 2 that works as it should in IE7.

Oh, the irony.
I have to make one of our web apps work in IE. *sob*

So, fire up Parallels and IE7, load up the app. It breaks. And this is the full extent of my debugging information:
(for the record, line 1491 is a comment)

So, I go a-Googling, and it looks like the only way to debug JS for IE7 is to download and install Visual Web Developer 2005 from MS. Guess what? The download doesn't f4ing work in IE7. So, c&p the URL into Safari, download the file, toss it onto the 'doze hard drive, and install.

I'm so glad I'm a Mac user.

[UPDATE]: To add insult to injury, VWD2005 will not actually debug JS from a php app running on a Mac server... gotta be FrontPage all the way, baby. I hate everything.

Sometimes you just have to draw them a picture.
Some months or weeks ago, a client requested a change in their document viewer. I made the change, and forgot about it.
Today, the client resent the email requesting the change. I verified it's done, hasn't changed, and is working. Emailed back to say that I've tested it and it's working correctly.
Client replies along the lines of "no, we want it THIS way...", describing how already works. I'm fed up now, so I replied with nothing but a screenshot of the document viewer, clearly showing the change in place. I expected to hear back from client's boss, so I went for a smoke. Came back to "Oh, I meant the documenty HISTORY viewer."


Now our marketing guy won't let me reply to client emails until my boss gets back from France. :p

Mmm, cat poop. :D
OK, maybe I need to clarify:

I'm just home from Kaleidoscope Gathering (giant Pagan festival near Ottawa), and one of my experiences this year was the change to taste Kopi Luwak coffee. I have been officially ruined for all inferior coffee (meaning, all coffee which has not been shat by a civet).

I don't have the words to describe the supreme yumminess of this coffee... Part of the difference is that the civet's digestive juices only partially penetrate the coffee bean's skin, and all they remove is the bitterness. This is by far the smoothest coffee in the world. So very yummy.

If you're interested in trying out the most expensive coffee in the world (and _deservedly_ so), try: - I met the owner (Leo) at Fest, he imports the stuff into Canada at a pretty reasonable price (US$160/lb, and well worth it).

So very much pain.
Before last night, I'd never seen anyone other than a human rack himself.

Last night, Baldr and Hod (my rats) were wrestling on the top shelf of their cage. Baldr lost his footing and his hind feet dropped off the edge, landing his boy parts hard on the edge of the shelf. His reaction was just the same as a human -- he froze for a second, then dragged himself slowly onto the shelf and laid there unmoving, just gasping for breath.

Danny thought it was the funniest thing she's ever seen. I tried to explain to her the level of pain when that happens, and the effect it has on other males in the area, but I just don't have words to convey it.

A note to future generations: Read the label.
Apparently, Pepto-Bismol has jumped on the "no sugar" bandwagon and started using sucralose instead.
Sucralose is a migraine trigger.
I took Pepto yesterday for a tummyache.
Now I want to die.

Thought for the day:
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